Andréanne Chartrand Canada 2012 4min

A young man alone with nature tries to reconnect with his past.

No dialogue.

Approved for Adoption

Jung Henin, Laurent Boileau Belgium, France, South Korea, Switzerland 2012 75min

ORIGINAL TITLE: Couleur de peau: Miel
In French and Korean with English subtitles

Filmmaker Jung Henin animates the story of his unconventional upbringing as a Korean child adopted by a Belgian family. Jung weaves his story using animation, Super 8 home movies, and archival footage, showing his progression from the orphanage, to meeting his new blond siblings in 1971, to the return visit to his birthplace in Seoul four decades later.

Themes: adoption, cultural differences, identity

Recommended for ages 13+


Community partner: 


Beauty Mark

Mark Ratzlaff Canada 2012 14min

Eight-year-old Annabelle is a child beauty pageant star who is pushed to the edge and must take drastic measures to reclaim her childhood.


Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let It Be Bigger and Bigger

Ray Lei China 2012 6min

This delightful hand drawn story is about a community of big-handed people and how a lone boy with tiny hands deals with his predicament.



Big Trees

Ann Marie Fleming Canada 2013 13min

Based on true events, this musical tells the story of Odile and her apartment’s spectacular ocean view. How far will she go when leaves start to obscure her panorama, her light, and her happiness? A brilliant blend of stop-motion, projections and models, drawings and altered live-action transports us into this observation about human nature.

Ann Marie Fleming is an award-winning Canadian independent filmmaker, writer and artist, born in Okinawa, of Chinese and Australian parentage. Her film work incorporates various techniques: animation, documentary, experimental, dramatic, and primarily deals with themes of family, history and memory, in a continuing media critique. In 2010, Ann Marie did her first adaptation of someone else's work: an animated short based on the illustrated memoir by Bernice Eisenstein, "I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors." It was on the TIFF "Top Ten" list of films for 2010 and won best animated film at the Reel 2 Real Youth Film Festival. Currently, Ann Marie is working on several projects: a dramatic script of the life and loves of her great grandfather, "Shanghai Follies", "Window Horses" a feature-length animated father-daughter story that involves poetry and immigrants (what else?) and takes place in Shiraz, Iran. She has recently turned this in to a graphic novel. She is also developing an urban planning app riffing on her animated musical project, "Big Trees", about real estate in Vancouver.

Choir Tour

Edmunds Janson Latvia 2012 5min

A world-famous boys' choir goes on tour. Supervised by their severe conductor, the boys are obedient. When the conductor is accidentally trapped in the elevator, the boys find themselves on their own.

No dialogue.


Daniella Selmi Canada 2012 2min

Claire is a little girl whose hair celebrates the changing of the seasons.


Daniella Selmi is a 23 years old graphic designer born in Brazil. Drawings have always been her passion. She studied Graphic Design in FAAP (Brazil) for four years and then moved to Canada to study Classical and 3D Animation at Vancouver Film School. Besides animation, she make illustrations, character designs and paints.

Dancing Cop

Kelvin Redvers Canada 2012 6min

An overzealous cop comes across what he suspects to be a shoplifter caught in the act, but the confrontation doesn’t go nearly as expected. A short film about native people, and police officers... oh, and it’s a musical.

Director Kelvin Redvers will be in attendance. 


Kelvin Redvers is a First Nations filmmaker born and raised in Hay River NWT. At 15 with a loan/grant from the government he started a video production company, Crosscurrent Productions. Since then, his films have gone on to win numerous national and international awards at film festivals all over the world.

Do It Yourself: Storymaking Demystified

This interactive presentation is designed to engage you in the storymaking process. The hosts are local composer and screenwriter Paul Donnet, and artist in residence Rickie Lea Owens, who joins us from Montréal. Paul will show you how every story has a beginning, middle and end. Rickie Lea will demonstrate the simplest form of digital storymaking. She will animate the audience in a group GIF!

Then, Paul and Rickie Lea will introduce you to other artists involved in the DIY movement. Vincent VanHaff, of FlyingOctopus.net and Vancouver Mini Maker Faire will share his latest work. Aili Meutzner will talk about Girls Rock Camp, which gives young women the opportunity to explore, access and play music with positive mentors. Aili will be joined by Adrienne LaBelle, director of the Safe Amp Site Society, a nonprofit collective dedicated to creating a venue for people of all ages. We will end with a break-out session in which students use flip cameras or their phones to create a visual story.

I'm Not Brave

Arianne Hinz Germany 2013 11min

The seven-year-old Arthur is afraid of the dark. He doesn't dare to cross the hallway to go to the toilet at night. Inspired by his demented grandma, he starts weeing in the hallway. But his actions turn out to have consequences that he could not possibly foresee.

In German with English subtitles.