Colin Cunningham Canada 2012 4min

Dreams of World Cup glory collide with the reality of an after school paper route for one young soccer fan.

Producer Madison Graie in attendance.

A veteran actor of 25 years (DaVinci’s Inquest, XFiles, CSI-Miami, Stargate), Colin Cunningham has also enjoyed an eclectic career behind the camera. This multi-award winning Writer, Director and Producer has been honored with special screenings of his work at The American Film Institute and UCLA, in addition to having made the short list for an Academy Award Nomination. Taking well over a dozen 'BEST OF' AWARDS for his film CENTIGRADE (originally shot as presentation pilot for television), the project went on to become not only the fastest short film ever to make the iTUNES 'TOP TEN' in shorts, but also became the first short in history to break the TOP TEN in FEATURE downloads. Sharing a list alongside IRONMAN and Steven Spielberg's INDIANA JONES/KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. To date, Centigrade enjoys the notoriety as one of the most successful short films ever made and is currently being developed into a project for television. Colin's early behind the scenes credits include Producing and Directing numerous critically acclaimed productions for the stage as well as a dozen award winning music videos for Much Music and C.M.T. (Country Music Television), but Cunningham is also known for his work as Writer, Producer and Star of the indie cult classic feature film, ZACHARIA, which has screened worldwide. Having graduated from the Film Production Program at the prestigious Vancouver Film School, Colin began working on no-budget projects solely for the "experience and strong coffee.", but before long started up his own film and television production company, writing, directing and producing. Currently starring in Steven Spielberg’s FALLING SKIES, the first episodic television show ever produced by Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg, Colin is overjoyed at the fact that he was hired by Mr. Speilberg, himself. In addition to Falling Skies, Colin has also stared as Neil Styles in HBO's LIVING IN YOUR CAR and recurred as Roy Lane on CBS/CTV's FLASHPOINT.

Horizon Beautiful

Stefan Jäger Switzerland, Ethiopia 2013 88min

In English, German and Amharic with English subtitles


Swiss soccer magnate Franz travels to Ethiopia to promote soccer and get some media-friendly images to prop up his reputation as a humanitarian. On the streets of Addis Ababa, 12-year-old Admassu sees a chance to use his soccer skills to impress the big boss, and secure a future as a football pro based in Europe. When Franz ignores him, Admassu convinces a group of thugs to kidnap Franz. If Admassu can arrange Franz’s freedom, Admassu thinks the grateful businessman will take him on the first plane out. That’s the plan. Shot entirely on location in Ethiopia, this film uses non-professional local actors to capture the sights and sounds of the community at the heart of the story.  Franz and Admassu’s relationship presents a clash between cultures, ages, personal dreams and basic human ethics with a resolution both surprising and honest.

Themes: media, soccer, adoption, racism, classism, friendship, poverty and greed.

Recommended for ages 12+ or students in grades 6, 7 and 8

Advisory: There is a scene of a man quietly dying under a tree, use of some poorly translated curse words, and the implication of possible violence.

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“Horizon Beautiful” was a unique experience for Stefan. As both a filmmaker and educator, the concept of simultaneously teaching and directing on set obviously held appeal. The process turned out to be distinctly challenging and fulfilling for him. With his eighth feature length film, he chose a family entertainment platform, which goes back to his beginnings as a director.

I Spy With My Little Eye

Alexandra Nebel Germany 2013 10min

The imaginative Mia convinces the timid Ingo to play 'I spy with my little eye' in the kitchen.  More and more the game transforms the kitchen’s reality into a wild sea adventure.

In German with English subtitles.

I Spy With My Little Eye

Alexandra Nebel Germany 2013 10min

The imaginative Mia convinces the timid Ingo to play 'I spy with my little eye' in the kitchen. More and more, the game transforms the kitchen’s reality into a wild sea adventure.

In German with English subtitles. 


Vito Palmieri Italy 2012 10min

Though Matilde tries hard to focus in class, she still struggles to follow the teacher’s lessons. Inspired by her mother’s hair salon and her daily walk by the local tennis courts, Matilde decides to take matters into her own hands and create a learning environment that suits her needs.

In Italian with English subtitles.


Quickery and Slowery

Chi Kwong Chow Hong Kong 2012 10min

Quickery and Slowery are complete opposites: Quickery rushes through life, often making reckless mistakes; Slowery, on the other hand, is thoughtful but too slow, missing opportunities because he can’t make decisions. But when the duo is faced with a challenge, Quickery and Slowery must overcome their differences and learn to work together.

In Cantonese with English subtitles.


Chi-kwong Chow studied cinema and television at Hong Kong Baptist University. Since then he has worked for non-government organizations, writing and directing short films with and for youth. His works include promotional videos, music videos, webisodes, and educational videos. Most recently, Chi-kwong has focused on experimental pieces integrating music and moving images.


Dave Schram Netherlands 2013 91min

In Dutch and Arabic with English subtitles

Jochem's classmates bully him all the time. His friend David doesn't join in, but he is scared to say anything. On the face of it Jochem doesn't seem to be bothered by the harassment. Then, one morning the headmaster tells the class that Jochem didn't come home after a party. David feels guilty. Together with a friend, David sets out to find Jochem and tell him he’s sorry. Based on the book by popular Dutch author Carry Slee, Regret! is a realistic story of the devastating consequences that can result if young people don’t stand up and speak out against bullying. 

Due to the serious and difficult themes addressed by this film, Dr. Shelley Hymel and her graduate students will engage the audience in follow-up discussions. They will address some of the sensitive and difficult issues raised in the film and help to empower students to stand up for those who are victimized.  Shelley Hymel is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, with her work focusing on social and emotional learning and development in schools. She holds the Edith Lando Professorship in Social and Emotional Learning within the faculty, established in 2011 to support research and knowledge-mobilization in the social-emotional learning of young people.

Themes: bullying, depression, strength of character, finding one's voice, and friendship.

Recommended for ages 12+

Advisory: There are some intense scenes of bullying.

Festivals and Awards:
Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) - Gryphon for Best Film Generator
Carousell International du Film de Rimouski (Quebec, Canada) - Camerio Award for Best Feature 13+ and Audience Award

The Other Side

Khen Shalem Israel 2012 15min

Shunned by his classmates, a young Israeli boy strikes up an unusual friendship with someone on the Palestinian side of the West Bank separation wall. Can kicking a ball over a high fence build a relationship in the absence of a face-to-face encounter?

Content advisory:  there is a brief explosion.  No one is injured.

In Hebrew with English subtitles.

Winner of 1st Adult Jury Prize – Live Action Short Film at 2012 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

The Trap

Rio Fitch Canada 2012 5min

A little girl sets a trap for an unsuspecting visitor.

No dialogue.

Think Brilliance

Diego de la Rocha Canada 2013 1min

This short animation is about the moment in the life of a light bulb that is trying so hard to be the best possible little light bulb it can be. 

No dialogue.

Director Diego De La Rocha will be in attendance.