Short film programs

Family Shorts


Saturday, April 5 | 11:30 AM | VANCITY THEATRE

This program of whimsical, sweet and silly shorts is sure to tickle your funny bones! A combination of techniques, textures and artistic styles are sure to excite the imagination.Come early for the Pajama Party preceeding this program. Anyone who is wearing their pajamas will get a FREE breakfast. 

Themes: family relationships, teamwork, independence,food, creativity and adventure.

Directors Alison Parker (The Magic Ferret) and Diego de la Rocha (Think Brilliance) will be in attendance.

Falcor the Ferret, star of The Magic Ferret will also be on hand to meet guests after this program.

Recommended for age 4+


Made in BC


Come and see the new crop of made-in-BC films, about life, growing up, and the evil of large trees.

Themes: independence, self-esteem, bullying, imagination, cooperation and philosophy.

Recommended for age 13+


Path Waves - An Indigenous Showcase



This short film program invites young audiences to explore the joys and challenges of native experience in our world today. Co-presented by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and Longhouse Media.

This is a FREE screening - So bring your friends and family!

Recommended for all ages


Animation Sensation

Yellow Sticky Notes 

Monday, April 7 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE
This highly imaginative short film program will change the way you see the everyday world around you. Discover the hidden life of ordinary office supplies, kitchen implements and newspapers as these talented animators breathe life into them.

Themes: creativity, imagination, teamwork, perspectives on life, and inspiration from everyday objects.

Recommended for grades 4-7


Doc Day


Tuesday, April 8 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE
This is a program of short films about dreams, chance, and the human spirit! Join these characters as they ponder life’s big questions, and follow their dreams.

Themes: ingenuity, self-esteem, hardship, determination, positivity, creativity, insight, nutrition, and nature.

Recommended for grade 4-7


The Nimble and the Quick

Wednesday, April 9 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE
Ingenuity is the big theme in this short film program. Watch young characters using their creativity and imagination to make changes in their daily lives.

Themes: disability, creativity, ingenuity, teamwork, prejudice, and peace.

Recommended for grade 4-7


Coming of Age

Thursday, April 10 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE

This wonderful program of short documentaries, dramas and animations take us on a whirlwind of coming-of-age journeys. Whether deeply philosophical, sweet and whimsical or plain old awkward, the experience of growing up is always an adventure.

Themes: fitting in, ambition, grief, memory, honesty, togetherness, family relationships, friendship, and growing up.

Recommended for grade 5-7


New Perspectives

Thursday, April 10 | 10:45 AM | VANCITY THEATRE
Sometimes film can help us to see a new perspective in life. These philosophical, creative and bizarre shorts show us new ways to see, hear and understand the world around as - as well as the world within us.

Themes: prejudice, bullying, creativity, self-esteem, fate, chance and collaboration.

Recommended for grade 8-12


Animal Kingdom

Friday, April 11 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE
This program of animated shorts take us on wild adventures into the animal kingdom. From the sweet and gentle to the bizarre and occasionally gross, you will be impressed with the beauty and ingenuity of beasts, both real and imagined.

Themes: animal rights, freedom, independence, family relationships, nature, competition, and survival of the fittest.

Recommended for grade 4-7

Youth Filmmakers Showcase

Thursday, April 10 | 4:00 pm | VANCITY THEATRE