Short Film Program: Animal Kingdom

Friday, April 11 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM| ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE
This program of animated shorts take us on wild adventures into the animal kingdom. From the sweet and gentle to the bizarre and occasionally gross, you will be impressed with the beauty and ingenuity of beasts, both real and imagined.

Themes: animal rights, freedom, independence, family relationships, nature, competition, and survival of the fittest.

Ahco on the Road

This rich and inspired nature documentary tells the story of a baby elephant who is on a journey to find her way home after being separated from her mother.

No dialogue.

Crow's Nests

When change fiercely storms the city, a weary bird is forced to search for a new form of home.

No dialogue.

Director Elisa Chee will be in attendance.


Hedgehogs and the City

They paved paradise and built a city—what are the forest animals to do? They’ll work together to show the humans who’s really in charge!

No dialogue.



These dapper, dancing robots show off their moves and grooves in this catchy animated music video that’s sure to get your feet tapping.

No dialogue.

Not Over

A giant stuffed bear travels the world to reach its goal. The finish line finally comes into sight, but the bear soon learns that it is “not over, till it’s over.”

No dialogue


Rising Hope

Rising Hope, who used to be the fastest horse in the world, inexplicably becomes the slowest. It takes a new friend and new view to find his feet again.

No dialogue.

Silent Voices

This animated film mashes up a digital and natural world in a montage of conflicting environments. A study of a man’s idle and apathetic attitude towards the environment could cost him the right to speak up in the wake of a real disaster. Will he find his voice before it’s too late?

No dialogue.


Snap, a hungry young water haggis, feels forlorn when he can’t snag as many fish as his bigger brothers, but his fortunes take a tongue-in-cheek turn for the tasty when he learns new tricks from an unlikely friend. If you ever wanted to have the strongest tongue in the whole world, this film will show you how.

No dialogue.