Short Film Program: New Perspectives

Thursday, April 10 | 9:30 AM | VANCITY THEATRE
Sometimes film can help us to see a new perspective in life. These philosophical, creative and bizarre shorts show us new ways to see, hear and understand the world around as - as well as the world within us.

Themes: prejudice, bullying, creativity, self-esteem, fate, chance and collaboration

Beauty Mark

Eight-year-old Annabelle is a child beauty pageant star who is pushed to the edge and must take drastic measures to reclaim her childhood.


Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let It Be Bigger and Bigger

This delightful hand drawn story is about a community of big-handed people and how a lone boy with tiny hands deals with his predicament.



Big Trees

Based on true events, this musical tells the story of Odile and her apartment’s spectacular ocean view. How far will she go when leaves start to obscure her panorama, her light, and her happiness? A brilliant blend of stop-motion, projections and models, drawings and altered live-action transports us into this observation about human nature.

Dancing Cop

An overzealous cop comes across what he suspects to be a shoplifter caught in the act, but the confrontation doesn’t go nearly as expected. A short film about native people, and police officers... oh, and it’s a musical.

Director Kelvin Redvers will be in attendance. 


Whispers of Life

When disruptive and threatening bullies interrupt Tom's after-school safe haven, Charles, a stranger, actively uses Tom's imagination to challenge the gay teenager's thoughts of suicide.

Director Florian Halbedl will be in attendance.

Producer Joshua M. Ferguson will be in attendance.


Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam

A roster of artists displays the full spectrum of Canadian animation talent as each animates a single diary entry using nothing other than a black marker and some yellow sticky notes. 

Featuring animation from the original Anijam creator Marv Newland along with Oscar® winners Alison Snowden and David Fine and Academy® Award nominees Cordell Barker, Janet Perlman, Chris Hinton, and Paul Driessen. For the film, animators were asked to self-reflect through animation on personal and global events that impacted one day of their lives. Each of the animators created their sequences independent of knowing what the other participants were creating. Starting with a 'to do' list written on the day of a life-altering event, the animators transitioned from text to imagery by utilizing 'animation meditation' to create a visual animated poem representing how their lives were affected by that pivotal day. In the end, the thousands of sticky note drawings link together to create a dynamic and inspirational animated film that connects the human spirit while celebrating individual artistic expression with the goal of inspiring future generations of animators.