Short Film Program: Path Waves - An Indigenous Showcase

Sunday, April 6 | 11:00 am | VANCITY THEATRE
This program invites kids to explore the joys and challenges of Native experience in our world today. Hand-drawn animations, re-imagined legends, inquisitive documentaries, and fun youth-made live action stories all come together to spark curiosity about the many rich histories and vibrant cultures of indigenous peoples throughout North America. Three films have French subtitles. There is a brief mention of suicide in one film.

Recommended for ages 10+

Themes: creativity, imagination, teamwork, perspectives on life, and inspiration from everyday objects.

Beboon & Zigwaan

Beboon & Zigwaan is a creative interpretation of the traditional story of Winter & Spring as told by Adure Jenkins 3rd grade students.

Correcting the Chalkboard

On a blank chalkboard, youth from Manawan rewrite the stories of their lives.

In French with English subtitles.

How Agate Pass Came to Be

The creation story of Agate Pass is a powerful reminder of tribal relationships to water.

Indian Taxi

A creative journey through the city... 

Injunuity:The Great Law

When settlers arrived in the New World, one of the first cultures they encountered was the Haudenosaunee, a confederation of tribes that had already been practicing representative democracy for hundreds of years. How much influence did that existing democracy have on our Founding Fathers and on documents such as the U.S. Constitution? More than you know.

Injunuity:Two Spirit

Two Spirit: A person of First Nations or Native American descent possessing both a male and female spirit. An umbrella term used to describe the fluidity of First Nations/Native American gender identity and sexuality with respect to traditional tribal roles.

People of the Water

Suquamish teen, Ty Purser, harvests seafood as part of his daily life. Join him from sunrise to sunset on this cultural adventure.


A Native American elder is interrupted as he addresses the tribe

SIGO: A Hunter’s Story

Sigo tells the story of a Ty Purser's family tradition: hunting.

The Joy of Living

Directo Jeremy Vassilou delivers a message of hope by talking about the things that have changed his outlook on life in this heartwarming, life-affirming profile.

In French with English subtitles.